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Child Protection Concerns

Child Protection Concerns

This is one of our speciality areas having undertaken a vast amount of child protection investigations throughout my career. Whether you need to check that the terms of a Child Arrangements Order are being adhered to (particularly during contact), background checks on new partners or any number of concerns about who is looking after your child, then we can provide peace of mind that everything is as it should be or if not, then video/photographic evidence can be obtained and a full report provided.

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Child Arrangements Orders

These are orders made by the courts that clearly outline the terms of where and with whom a child shall live and any contact by your partner with your child or children. They stipulate matters such as when the contact takes place, where the contact takes place and with whom the child may have contact. If necessary, it will also state clearly who the child may not have contact with and the reasons why. I have been involved in cases where children have been exposed to alcohol and drugs and have had contact with adults who have already been identified as a risk to children. It is very difficult for Social Services or you to monitor this contact fully to ensure that the terms and conditions are being agreed to.

If you suspect that the other partner is breaching the terms of a court order and exposing your child to risky situations and/or people, then I can help. I have a great deal of experience in these circumstances and understand the processes involved. I am able to offer you a service that will give you either peace of mind that all is well, or provide evidence that your suspicions are correct. This evidence will include a full written report and may include photographic and/or video evidence.


Unfortunately, all too often it is someone who you have trusted to look after your child who fails in that duty. This could involve, physical, emotional and distressingly, sexual abuse. Surveillance can put your mind at ease or confirm your worst suspicions.

I recognise that it is a big step to place someone you love, trust or employ under surveillance. However, you need to ask yourself why you are worried in the first place? Why are you uncomfortable about the babysitter; what is it about your partner’s behaviour that causes you concern? It is even worse when it is a close family member. I understand this and the emotions that it brings to the surface having worked child protection cases for over 17 years. It can also provide peace of mind that there is a very simple explanation for the person’s behaviour which could include their own personal worries or poor health.

Children’s Internet Activity/New Partner/Dating Websites

This is becoming an increasingly worrying area of fraud by misrepresentation. By falsely representing themselves to you online they are placing you at risk of great disappointment at the very least, possible money fraud and even more worryingly, access to your home, family and your children. It is now well documented that those with an unhealthy interest in children see the internet as a way to access your children directly. There have been too many cases in the media for it not to be a concern to any parent. It may be that you are worried about who you are engaging with online and whether they are being honest with you. Perhaps you have some concerns about your ex-partner’s new partner who has access to your children. Let us make discreet checks and establish if there is any worrying aspect to that person or person’s life which you should be made aware of in order for you to make informed decisions about your children.

The background check will include areas such as their establishing as far as possible their true identity, location, qualifications, employment history and reference checks plus any historic financial concerns (County Court Judgements, Bankruptcy) etc. This will all be undertaken discreetly and they will not be aware of the checks being made on your behalf. (unless for employment purposes where they will have signed an agreement for checks to be made on their references etc. as part of the recruitment process).


Please contact me for an initial, no obligation chat about your individual circumstances. Absolute discretion is assured.

I always work within the law. I adhere to the Data Protection Act, the Human Rights Act, The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) and follow the Codes of Conduct of my profession.