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Business Group Breakfast Meeting Today

I attended my first breakfast meeting of the Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 Business Community and Development Group today and was very impressed.

Business Group Breakfast Meeting Today

Today was my first breakfast meeting of the Mansfield and Ashfield Business Group which was attended by a broad range of local businesses. Also in attendance was our newly elected Conservative MP Ben Bradley; apparently the first time a local MP has attended. He spoke about his intentions to push the local area at Westminster and, as a local lad, he was across all the issues affecting local people. I felt the room was impressed with his approach and a short Q&A followed where he was able to share that he had already begun to address some of the issues the questioners raised. There was a heartwarming talk given by Cathy Robinson of Jerry Green Dog Rescue which outlined the life of one of their dogs, Polly, and this certainly moved the audience; especially when Polly herself made an appearance on stage!

I also got a good sense of the commitment shown to help re-generate the local community by working together to provide work opportunities via apprenticeships, the provision of coaching and mentoring and much more besides. A talk by Alex Ford about the work of CT Skills was very well received and his passion for the work was very evident. I was happy to speak to Abi Rae of CT Skills afterwards to offer up my experience to those who were taking the Health and Social Care route if needed.

The breakfast was great and the organisation first class. It was a chance to undertake some networking and those I spoke to offered me some good advice. It was nice touch to be presented with my membership certificate in front of everyone and I'm sure my mumbling thanks and "I'm a private investigator" to explain who I was went down really well!

The world of business is new to me, but today it was just people talking to people, not only talking about and promoting their own business but also wanting to know how they could help you. I would recommend Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 to anyone in business locally.