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What are the signs that your partner is possibly being unfaithful?

Nobody wants to suspect their partner of being unfaithful but unfortunately it happens all too often. There are signs that may indicate there is a problem in the relationship.

What are the signs that your partner is possibly being unfaithful?

Phone use

Changes in phone use are often the first and most obvious sign that someone is being unfaithful. While you may notice an increase in phone calls – particularly ones where your partner leaves the room, talks differently, sounds flirtatious or seems flushed and evasive when you ask who called – what is much more common now is to notice an increased use of mobile phones – particularly for texting. If your partner’s phone habits change very suddenly and they seem much more attached to their phone than they were before – even taking it with them when they go to the loo – this could mean that something is going on.

Time and attention

Does your partner seem to be going out with friends a lot more or staying up much later than they used to – perhaps chatting with people online? Do you feel like they are avoiding spending time alone with you? Maybe they have started going out with friends or to the gym a lot more than they used to or spending a lot more time and attention taking care of their appearance? None of these on their own are necessarily signs of infidelity but when they start to add together it will soon become clear if your partner’s time and attention is focused away from you and your relationship.

Lying or evasiveness

The easiest way to tell if someone is lying to you is by their ability to look you in the eye when they are speaking. If you’re partner lies directly to your face and seems plausible, most people will find it difficult to believe that anyone could have that much front so are more likely to accept the lie, but there will be a gut instinct that tells you not to trust them. Ask direct questions and feel the difference when you know they are telling the truth.

Physical intimacy

While some people will avoid sexual intimacy because their needs are being met elsewhere it may not stop altogether when someone is being unfaithful but there is every possibility that it will change. Perhaps they don’t seem as affectionate or present – like they are just going through the motions. However, it manifests itself your sex life will be affected by infidelity so look out for extreme variations.


Living a life of duplicity that involves lying and betraying someone will make most people feel very uncomfortable. This may come across in extreme mood swings, irritability and defensiveness. The more you are kind and considerate towards them the more hostile they become – they are not comfortable in themselves so your love and attention is painful – they know what they are doing is wrong and that they are risking losing you. Always remember, a discreet investigation may also highlight perfectly innocent behaviour and therefore set your mind at rest.


I understand completely that this subject can be difficult to discuss with a stranger and to initiate checks on a loved one. However, please be assured that I have years of experience working in child custody/relationship cases and I will handle everything we discuss with discretion and sensitivity. Your comfort and peace of mind is my over-riding priority.


In the meantime, if you have any worries or concerns however small, do not hesitate to contact me for a no obligation consultation to discuss your individual needs. As always, complete discretion is assured.