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All areas of the services I provide can benefit from surveillance. This can enable suspicions to be confirmed or it can put your mind at rest that there is nothing to worry about. This can include surveillance of nannies, babysitters, employees and partners suspected of cheating. Covert surveillance coupled with video and/or photographic evidence will be provided as a matter of course along with a full report.

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Workplace Fraud
Whether you are suffering cash or product losses at your place of business, covert surveillance can often be a quick and effective solution to finding the offender or offenders. Covert placement of pin-hole cameras and listening devices will ensure a good possibility that the identity of the person responsible will soon be solved. You will be provided with copies of all covert materials, photos, video and audio files for your use to pursue your own police or internal investigation.

Sickness Fraud
This area of fraud is becoming increasingly common. Employees feign illness to either defraud their own employers or to defraud insurance companies. This type of fraud is not victimless. Employers have to pay sickness benefit and possibly employ another person to cover the absence. There are cases where the person claiming to be off sick from one job is undertaking other employment ‘cash in hand’ at another place of work. State benefits may be being paid to the person which impacts everyone. This is one area where surveillance by a private investigator can provide useful evidence that fraud is taking place through the production of photographic and/or video evidence.

Cheating Partners
Partner working late or acting differently recently? Suddenly undertaking a lot of overtime or weekend work? If you have any suspicion about where your partner is or with whom they are spending their time, then a period of surveillance can be useful in confirming those suspicions or putting your mind at rest that all is well. This can be a difficult and emotional area. Placing a loved one under surveillance is never going to be an easy decision to make. However, worrying about your relationship can in itself cause stress and make you unhappy. Let us discreetly address these worries for you and allow you to make an informed decision about what, if anything you need to do.

Parents only want the best for their children and for them to be happy and safe. This is never more important than when you are away from them and someone else is taking on that caring role. Is there something bothering you about the person or persons looking after your child. Has the child said something or has their behaviour changed recently? Put your mind at rest by allowing us to undertake the necessary checks. One of the most useful tools is surveillance of the person charged with looking after your child or children. If the child is being looked after within your own home them we can provide surveillance through discreet pin-hole cameras and audio equipment. We can also covertly observe the interaction between your child and the person charged with caring for them from a distance and provide photographic and video evidence.

I always work within the law. I adhere to the Data Protection Act, the Human Rights Act, The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) and follow the Codes of Conduct of my profession.